Finding a new position can be a daunting task and one that requires meticulous preparation in order to achieve not only the desired results but to build the foundation for a progressive career.

Before starting a search it is worth determining your objectives and long-term goals to see what your “next step” should look like in order to achieve those goals; examine your current role and determining what aspects of the role you excel in can build upon. Do an honest appraisal of your skills and determine in you need to upgrade your skills to reach the next level. Enroll in courses that will lead you to the ultimate goal or ensure that you join a company which will provide you with the necessary career-path. Jumping thoughtless from one dead-end to another leads only to frustration and will not provide the building blocks upon which to build a career.

The next step in the process is to create a professional resume which will act as a template for your job search. Ideally a resume should highlight your expertise areas and skills; chronological work experience, including accomplishments; education and professional development courses. This should all be capsulated in one page, two at the very most. Utilize a clean format which is easy to read. Be sure to proofread thoroughly to catch grammar, spelling or typing errors – this is your “door opener” and it needs to be error free! Font and style need to be consistent – if you cut and paste use the Format Painter to maintain uniformity.