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Our talent pool consists of candidates who are multilingual in the following languages.

Multilingual Staffing:

English & Spanish

English & Portuguese

English & Other Languages

  • Our recruitment methodology starts with the personalized attention of our clients' needs and then the establishment of a value add service offering that includes timely and qualified candidates.
  • We have a robust database of multilingual talent at our disposition to immediately provide you with candidates for your job opportunities.
  • Our services in job placement come with up to a six-month guarantee.
  • We target and source difficult-to-find multilingual passive candidates.
  • The payroll service is not included in our proposal.
  • We do Language proficiency Test: English, Spanish, Portuguese or other language.

Let us show you what a difference we can make for you and your firm.   Call us today for a consultation. We assure you, you will be in good hands with Multilingual Staff Services as your hiring partner.